Video: Man Harassed By Security For Wearing ‘Jesus Saves’ T-Shirt

Security guards at Mall of America order Christian man to take his shirt off or leave the building.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot/@rawISFamily.

Shocking video from the Mall of America in Minnesota shows security officers harassing a man for wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Jesus Saves.”

Video capturing the confrontation shows a security guard giving the man an ultimatum: remove the shirt or leave the mall.

“If you want to shop here, you need to take that shirt off!” the guard yells at the man.

The back of the man’s shirt reads, “Jesus is the only way” with the liberal “Coexist” logo crossed out.

The security guard said the shirt is an example of “religious soliciting” which is not allowed on “private property.”

“We’ve had guests saying they are offended by your shirt,” the guard told him.

Would the security guard have harassed this man if he was wearing a BLM or LGBTQ, or even a communist shirt?

Probably not.