Video: Mentally Ill Mask Freak “Karen” Harasses Unmasked Grocery Store Shopper

Is this liberal insanity at its peak?

Image Credits: infowars.

A woman perfectly highlighting the modern left’s Mass Formation Psychosis was filmed parading around a grocery store in order to bring attention to a lone man shopping without a mask.

The video begins with the woman ranting about being “mentally ill” and saying she is hearing voices in her head.

Wearing a Baylor University mask, a Harriet Tubman t-shirt, and a jacket reading, “Femme,” the woman is a walking advertisement for liberalism.

In the middle of doing an odd, spontaneous dance routine, the lady starts seeking approval from fellow shoppers by telling them the guy filming isn’t wearing a mask.

“I am a cheerleader!” the woman shouts next. “Wooo!”

Continuing, the lady follows the man filming around the store and ironically says, “Let’s get the kids something. I hope they can breathe! I bet you voted for Trump didn’t you?”

“Wooo, Trumpers! They don’t wear masks,” she tells other shoppers. “My name’s Karen!”

The masked lady then cries out to her leftist media Gods, randomly yelling, “Jimmy Fallon! Jimmy Kimmel! Colbert! I’m mentally ill. Let’s go kill some children!”

Behavior like this is pushing more Americans away from the Democrat Covid cult every day.

Sadly, there are more far-left crazies out there than one might think.