Video: Minneapolis Rioter Can’t Even Remember the Name of the Person He’s Rioting For

Leftist agitators stage more disorder after wanted murder suspect shot by police.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

A clip out of Minneapolis shows a rioter forgetting the name of the person he’s supposed to be rioting over.

What an idiot.

Video footage shows a burning pile of debris with the rioter initially out of shot. When he agrees to appear on camera, he immediately confirms his total ignorance.

“Stay here, bro, we’re holding space, obviously for…I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name, but like…” says the rioter.

“Winston Smith,” the person filming the footage has to remind him.

The rioter then goes on to emphasize multiple times how it’s important to remember the name of Winston Smith, having forgotten it himself.

“Winston Smith, don’t forget that name, Winston Smith,” says the idiot, presumably as a reminder to himself.

“Say his name, make sure you remember this shit,” he adds, having failed to remember it.

“We’re gonna fight for him in just the same way we fought for George Floyd,” he says.

What, by burning down buildings, looting stores and attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with your violent temper tantrum?

As ever, the individual they’re rioting over, who was killed by U.S. Marshals last night, was a criminal suspect wanted on a gun charge.

According to a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, Smith “”failed to comply and produced a handgun, resulting in task force members firing upon the subject.”

“Law enforcement sources told FOX 9 the person who was shot was a murder suspect,” reports Newsweek.



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