Video: MSNBC Suggests Trump Is “Trafficking” Nuclear Secrets To Putin And Saudis

"Putin would stand the most to gain, to having access to our most classified nuclear weapons information."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Following the FBI raid on President Trump’s estate last week, and the suggestion that Trump could be indicted under the Espionage Act, an MSNBC panel claimed that Trump could be “trafficking” nuclear secrets to Vladimir Putin or Saudi Arabia.

Host Tiffany Cross asked guest Andy Weber, a former Department of Defense official, “who on the world stage would have the most to gain from this information?”

“You think about Donald Trump’s relationships with the Saudis, his relationships with the Russians, and the fact that he really appears to have no allegiance to America,” Cross added.

Weber responded, “we don’t know what information was in these documents. But my best guess would be, President Putin would stand the most to gain, to having access to our most classified nuclear weapons information.”

Labelling that a “frightening thought,” Cross then suggested “that this could really be a situation where you’re a traitor! He is actually a traitor to America.”

The panel then fantasied about what the punishment would be, with legal analyst Glenn Kirschner claiming Trump could be looking at 10 years in prison.

“The punishment, under the statute that is cited in the search warrant materials, it’s a ten-year federal felony,” Kirschner stated, suggesting Trump committed “a violation of 793, which is gathering, transmitting, or losing national security or national defense information.”


These latest accusations come in the wake of the network labelling the Republican Party “treasonous” for criticising the FBI raid:


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