VIDEO: Netanyahu Admits Israelis Were Guinea Pigs For Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

Now, we are seeing more proof every day of how dangerous the jabs are

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Alex Jones presents video footage from an interview with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, where he admits that an agreement was made with Pfizer to use the Israeli people as test subjects for their new COVID vaccine.

This is a maniacal admission that should wake up citizens to how politicians disregard our well-being and often purposely cause harm to gain more power.

Alex Jones told viewers on Thursday, “Israel had amongst the highest injection rates of the so-called shot in the world that was experimental and doesn’t protect you and erases your immune system.”

He continued, “There’s Benjamin Netanyahu saying, ‘I used my country like a lab experiment.’ Meaning he used the Israeli people, the Jewish people that live there and the Christians and the Muslims and others as a lab experiment. Well, I’m not a label experiment and people in Israel aren’t a lab experiment. When this was done to black people in Tuskegee, it was illegal.”