Video: NY AG Letitia James Confronted For Pushing To Allow Covid Quarantine Camps

Far-left Soros DA challenging judge who ruled quarantine regulation was unconstitutional

New York Attorney General Letitia James was questioned at a recent parade about her decision to appeal a 2022 ruling preventing the state from using an emergency health order to force the isolation or quarantine of citizens.

When a concerned citizen asked James why her office is appealing the ruling, she asked if they could talk when they’re “not at a parade.”

The individual pressed James, telling her a judge already ruled the regulation was unconstitutional, and she replied, “We’ll resolve it in court sir, not at a parade.”

“What you are doing is evil,” the man told James, to which she oddly responded, “Thank you.”

At that point, security stepped in between the man and the attorney general, so he started shouting, “Letitia James wants to put Americans in quarantine camps!”

A five-judge panel will reach a decision on the appeal in the next couple of months.

More and more Americans are waking up to the blatant corruption of establishment politicians using “emergencies” to crack down on basic freedoms.