Video: NYC Philharmonic Concert In Public Park Checks For Vaccine Passports

No vaccine or PCR test, no entry to taxpayer-funded park!

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

During Thursday’s New York Philharmonic concert in the city’s Bryant Park, attendees were forced to either show their COVID vaccine passports or submit to a PCR test.

Video journalist Tara Szczepanski uploaded a video to Twitter showing the free event required proof of vaccination to enter.

“What’s the rule? she asked a worker.

“If you have proof of vaccination you can enter, it is probably over in about five to ten minutes,” the employee answered.

Szczepanski provided another tweet, explaining there were two entrances to the event.

“There’s a PCR test entrance on the opposite side too, so it’s vaccine card or pcr test to get inside the public park lawn to see the outdoor concert,” she explained. “Isn’t the park owned by the city? So the Philharmonic can set rules on public space?”

This is the divisive environment the left is pushing on America as mainstream media propaganda pits vaccinated people against non-vaccinated individuals.