Video: ‘Only Pipeline Attack Explanation Allowed Is The One The Regime Wants You To Believe’

"You're required to believe that Putin took out his own infrastructure. You must."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Tucker Carlson warned Wednesday that the fact anyone who even suggests that The U.S. and its allies had anything to do with the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage is being labelled as a ‘Russian propagandist’ is a sure sign that we no longer live in a democratic society.

Carlson noted that it is now apparent that we are “not really living in a democracy. You can’t be because in a democracy, the government has a moral and legal obligation to tell you the truth always. Period.”

Instead, Carlson warned, citizens have been reduced to “subjects” and “mere consumers”.

“Anyone who imagines, who thinks for a moment the Biden administration was in any way involved with that sabotage, directly or indirectly, is not simply wrong, no. Anyone who imagines that is a bad person, a tool of Vladimir Putin,” Carlson continued.

The host noted that information is so tightly restricted, yet Americans are still being told they are engaging in wrong think.

“Where might some Americans have gotten the notion that the Biden administration might have been involved directly or through a proxy in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines? Why would they think that?” Carlson pondered, adding “They certainly didn’t watch it on Russia Today. RT has been pulled off the air. They didn’t hear it from Putin or any of his ministers.”

“You can barely find anything from the Russian government on Google and of course, any book sympathetic to Putin has been banned on Amazon,” Carlson continued, further pointing out that “every piece of information that reflects the modern Russian point of view has been censored in the United States because this is a free country fighting for democracy. You just can’t read what you want or think what you want.”

Carlson posited that Americans may have gotten the idea that the U.S. was involved in the sabotage from Biden himself saying the pipeline would be ‘ended,’ further noting that believing the U.S. could do such a thing is now, however, considered unpatriotic.

“Who did it? Well, Russia did it,” Carlson stated, citing the regime narrative.

“They blew up their own pipeline, making their own country poorer and weaker in the middle of a major war because that’s how crazy but also diabolically effective the Russians are: suicidal, yet brilliant and if you don’t buy that story uncritically, if you have any questions about how exactly that might work, you’re a disloyal American. Shut up.”

Carlson continued, “You’re not allowed to quote the president of the United States promising to eliminate the Nord Stream pipelines. You’re not allowed to quote his secretary of state celebrating that sabotage. You’re required to believe that Putin took out his own infrastructure. You must.”

“The only explanation allowed, of course, is the one the government wants you to believe: Vladimir Putin is so evil, he’s destroying his own pipelines,” Carlson concluded.


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