Video: Pelosi Describes Massive Climate Change Spending As “A Religious Thing”

"I believe this is God’s creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Critics of climate alarmism often level the charge that activists are engaging in a kind of religious fervour, and now Nancy Pelosi has provided more ammunition on this very front by calling the Democrats’ massive spending on ‘green’ policies as “a religious thing.”

Describing the House passage of the massive ‘Build Back’ spending bill this past weekend, of which $550 billion is earmarked for combatting climate change, Pelosi said “For me, it’s a religious thing.”

She explained, “I believe this is God’s creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards.”

Pelosi contuned, “But if you don’t share that view, you must share the view that we have an obligation to future generations. So we’re very excited about what is in there and it is paid for.”

Watch (but don’t try to watch all of it for your own sanity):

A moral obligation?

One that will cost $4.79 trillion if its policies become permanent, according to the Committee for a Responsible Budget.

An “obligation” that will, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) increase the federal budget deficit by $367 billion over the next 10 years.

Yes, it definitely is a religious thing.


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