Video: Portland’s “Antifa Sheriff” Stabbed In The Breast

Bystanders screamed for police assistance during the confrontation

A viral video out of Portland, Oregon shows the self-proclaimed “Antifa Sheriff” bleeding out of her left breast after a woman allegedly stabbed her during an argument.

Posted to Twitter on Monday, footage shows the Antifa member pulling her shirt down to reveal the bloody wound, saying, “Get that.”

The woman filming repeatedly yelled out, “Call the police!” as the Antifa woman and a man in a Black Lives Matter shirt went after the lady holding the knife.

The man in the BLM shirt screamed at the terrified woman who stabbed the communist agitator, shouting, “I’ll slap the fuck out of you! Fuck you bitch! You stabbed her! I’ll fuck you up!”

While the BLM guy and Antifa woman harassed the lady with the knife, the person filming did a good job of shoving them away to prevent further violence.

According to a statement from the Portland Police Department, the stabbing took place “when an adult female suspect entered the park taking photos and/or video. An argument ensued between the female and other people in the park. During the argument, the female produced a knife and stabbed another female in the chest.”

The victim’s injury was not life-threatening and she is being treated in a local hospital.

In a Twitter post, the Antifa activist whose Twitter handle is Antifa Sheriff wrote, “Fuck fascists,” alongside a picture of her in a medical center.

The stabbing suspect left the scene initially, but later returned and was interviewed by police.

According to police, “During the initial response, officers encountered a hostile crowd and additional police resources were summoned to try to conduct an investigation. Officers initially located the knife used in the stabbing, however as the officers were trying to secure a crime scene someone picked it up and ran off with it.”

“Officers were unable to safely conduct an investigation due to the hostile crowd, and supervisors made the decision to disengage,” the PPD statement continues. “As the knife is evidence, it should be returned to police custody.”

The person who snatched the knife is likely associated with Antifa as the group is known for refusing to cooperate with law enforcement even if they are the victim of a crime.

In a tweet posted Tuesday morning, the injured “Antifa Sheriff” bragged, “Fuck the police, I didn’t press charges,” adding the hashtag “All Cops Are Bastards.”

While it’s still unclear as to who started the physical confrontation, it’s worth noting the pinned tweet on the Antifa woman’s page reads, “THIS IS NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST REVOLUTIONS ARE INHERENTLY VIOLENT.”