Video: Protesters Occupy NYC Bookstore After Asked For Vaccine Proof

COVID hysteria still underway in Democrat stronghold despite consistently low case and death rates.

Image Credits: SanyaSM/Getty Images.

A scuffle broke out at a New York City bookstore after activists were denied entry for refusing to provide proof of COVID vaccination.

Video of the incident shows protesters refusing to leave the People’s Forum bookstore after the venue demanded to see their COVID vaccine cards.

“We’re not leaving! We’re not leaving!” one protester shouted.

A line of masked patrons and counter-protesters formed a blockade preventing the activists from venturing further into the store.

The video ends as a pair of NYPD officers enter the building while maskers chant “Leave!” to the freedom activists.

No arrests were reportedly made.

Authorities in NYC advise mask-wearing in NYC, but they are not required, and vaccine passports are no longer mandatory for indoor venues as of March.

That’s not stopping some paranoid businesses from continuing to impose vaccine passports and masks despite low coronavirus deaths and cases.

But this video indicates that the people are tired of the unjustified COVID tyranny and just want freedom to return to their city.

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