Video: Rand Paul Slams ‘Hysteria’ Over Renewed Shut Down Of Schools, ‘Vaccine Absolutism’

"The people that are promoting the hysteria work for the government."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul blasted fresh shutdowns of schools, saying it goes against decades of modern medicine and is part of the government’s obsession with promulgating COVID ‘hysteria’ and ‘vaccine absolutism’.

“It’s tragic, and the thing is the science doesn’t support closing schools down,” the Senator urged.

Paul continued, “It had been the policy for most of modern medicine that if kids were sick they were sent home. If a bunch of kids were sick then we might close the school for a couple of days. But we’re not doing that. We’re doing mass testing of people that are not sick.”

“We’re sending people home that have no symptoms, and we’re testing whole classes and sending more people home,” Paul continued.

The Senator further emphasised, “We need to get rid of the hysteria but the people that are promoting the hysteria work for the government.”

“This is Dr. Fauci’s fault largely because he’s still hysterically talking about mandates and shutting people down and not letting people fly and blaming the unvaccinated,” Paul explained.



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