Video: Restaurant Deploys Entry Portal Spraying Customers With Disinfectant

Americans being conditioned to go through additional security measures

A restaurant in San Antonio, Texas has set up a “disinfectant spray portal” outside their front door to sanitize employees and customers.

Using the device “is completely OPTIONAL,” according to the company’s Instagram page. “We are not forcing anyone to use this technology… It’s completely up to you…”

“Our employees and customers health is our number one priority. We are very happy with our customized disinfectant spray portal! For more info visit,” the Alamo Biscuit Co. social media post states.

The owner of the restaurant, John Vale, told local news outlet KTRK he also owns the company that installed the device outside of the restaurant.

“We have installed a disinfectant portal. It’s a device that my company distributes. It’s a sanitation station basically,” Vale explained. “It sprays a five-second mist on our customers and employees that come through.”

Vale told the outlet, “the mist is chlorine-based and skin-safe and kills 99.7 percent of germs.”

However, in a now-deleted Instagram comment, the company wrote, “It’s a water and ammonium chloride based disinfectant… It’s been tested and approved by a chemical specialist here locally in San Antonio.”

So, is it chlorine-based or ammonium chloride-based?

The Sanitizer2You website doesn’t list the ingredients of the “sanitizer solution” being used in the portals, instead writing, “This is completely optional for our clients. Feel free to ask us for our recommendations.”

Infowars contacted Vale who clarified a misinformed employee wrote the Instagram post falsely claiming ammonium chloride was being used in the solution.

Vale confirmed the portal uses hypochlorous acid, which is safe for humans and is widely used as a disinfectant and in sanitizing solutions.

Regardless of what chemicals are used, many people are willing to use the device without ever questioning what’s being sprayed on them.