Video Shows Biden Crashed Bike – Immediately Got Up and Approached Little Girl

Footage from alternate angle documents aftermath of crash, showing Joe recovered and promptly beelined his way to child.

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What began as an online theory was seemingly substantiated after footage emerged showing the aftermath of Joe Biden’s humiliating bike fall.

Following the drastic spill that happened as Biden came to a stop and his right foot failed to come loose of the bike pedal’s toe clip cage, Twitter user @Brick_suit jokingly asked for alternate camera angles “to know if he was stopping to smell a child.”

Amazingly, Brick Suit’s speculation appears to have been correct as footage surfaced showing Biden jumped to his feet and immediately approached a small girl in the crowd.

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“Biden practically JUMPED off his bike so he could sniff a little girl’s hair,” another Twitter user captioned the footage, as Brick Suit noted, “Suspicion confirmed.”

Brick Suit then compiled a deep-dive video complete with narration showing how his initial tweet was apparently more right than wrong.

Rumble version:

Biden has long dodged rumors of his improper behavior towards women and young girls, despite numerous instances caught on film.

Fresh allegations he “inappropriately” showered with his daughter Ashley, as written in her diary, certainly do not help.

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Was The Joe Biden Bike Crash Done On Purpose?