Video Shows Bodybuilder Gym Trainer, 33, Faint in Chair Before Dying of ‘Cardiac Arrest’

Surveillance footage shows man attempt to sit up momentarily before slumping back in his chair.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A gym trainer in India was caught on film dying from a heart attack while he did little more than sit in a chair.

The footage out of Ghaziabad shows the 33-year-old man, identified as “Adil,” carrying out normal daily tasks at his real estate business office when he sits in a chair and appears to be short of breath.

Surveillance footage shows Adil sit up momentarily before slumping back.

The video also shows three men helping carry Adil’s body out of the office to give him medical attention.

“His aides rushed Adil to the hospital nearby but he died on the way,” reports “He owned a gym in Shalimar Garden area of Ghaziabad and used to exercise daily.”

Speaking to The Times of India, one of Adil’s friends described him as extremely fit.

“Doctors at the hospital told us he had suffered a cardiac arrest and died on the spot,” a friend said to the Times, adding, “He used to train for around three to four hours in the gym daily and had won several medals in bodybuilding competitions.”

The Times reports in the days leading up to his death, Adil had a persistent fever that lasted for 2-3 days.

In a statement to the Times, another doctor claimed the fever combined with working out may have caused the heart attack.

“Exercising while a person is unwell or has a fever can cause heart arrhythmia, which sends the heart into a condition of arrest,” a cardiologist told the Times.

“Sudden deaths due to cardiac arrests are happening more frequently because people are not assessing their risk factors. If someone’s routine includes smoking and alcohol consumption, or they are stressed and have hypertension they must get regular check-ups done. Such people who go to the gym must also be careful about doing the right exercises and not undertaking any heavy exercises without training,” the doctor said.

Another doctor noted to the Times Adil’s death may have been the result of a rupture.

“Undue stress on body due to any form of strenuous exercises can lead to plaque rupture in the heart arteries, causing a sudden cardiac arrest… that’s why it’s important to know the risk factors before engaging in any heavy exercise routine,” Max Super Specialty Hospital director of cardiac sciences Dr. Gaurav Minocha said.

Adil’s unexpected death comes as many other healthy young athletic people have been suddenly dying from unexplained causes.

How long will this unexplained trend of young fit people dying suddenly and unexpectedly continue?