Video Shows Man Suddenly Collapsing on Street Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Footage follows videos of hazmat teams treating collapsed victims on city streets

Now there’s video of a man suddenly collapsing on a sidewalk, which follows a spate of videos showing Chinese hazmat teams treating collapsed people on city streets who are suspected of having the Coronavirus.

Furthermore, the Chinese military is deploying biochemical troops to the locked down cities affected by the virus.

Further reports reveal that Chinese officials are quickly building a temporary hospital to both quarantine suspected Coronavirus carriers and to deal with the overflowing crowds at hospitals.

And as we recently reported, a man in China suspected of having the Coronavirus was wheeled away in some kind of huge quarantine box.

“The footage shows a man dressed in a hazmat suit, mask and gloves being transported to an ambulance outside the airport in the city of Fuzhou in south-eastern China,” reported Steve Watson.