Video: ‘SNL’ Promotes Liberal Democrat Women as Heroic Crime Fighters!

'We love them!'

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Many conservatives and Republicans have stopped watching Saturday Night Live because the NBC gang have no desire to make fun of Democrats. Instead, they openly gush over their Awesomeness. It happened again this week, with a pseudo-TV promo that sounded a little bit like Charlie’s Angels.

Christian Toto summed it up on Twitter: “Remember how embarrassing the #SNL Hallelujah sketch was? The To Sir With Love sketch? This …is worse.”

ANNOUNCER: Once upon a time, there were women. And then they became fed up women. And then they became congress women. They fight crime, they right wrongs. They wear white, but they’re not all white and we love them! They’re the women of Congress! Featuring Nancy “Madam Clapback” Pelosi!

“PELOSI”: I’m so woke, I can’t close my eyes.

ANNOUNCER: Alexandria “I Say What I Meme” Ocasio-Cortez!

“OCASIO-CORTEZ”: You’re trying to rip apart my Green New Deal. Leave me alone, I will dog walk you!

ANNOUNCER: Maxine “Don’t Go Chasing” Waters!

“WATERS”: They call me Auntie Maxine, but I’m gonna make Trump say “Uncle.”

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