Video: Tesla Drivers Wait Up to an Hour to Charge Electric Vehicles

Footage shows drivers queued up back-to-back in lines stretching over a half mile long

Tesla owners in California waited in long lines to charge their electric vehicles over the holiday weekend.

Footage out of Kettleman City, the location of one of the largest supercharging sites boasting up to 40 chargers, shows drivers queued up back-to-back in a line about a half mile long.

Testy drivers attempting to juice up after Black Friday sounded off on social media, claiming the wait time was anywhere from thirty minutes to well over an hour.

Another Tesla owner claimed he ran into long lines at a charging station in Buellton.

“Not the worst, but the software could certainly do a better job warning about expected charging delays,” one driver criticized, adding that a mobile supercharger was on site, but not being utilized.

The same scene played out at a charging station in San Luis Obispo, where a line of about 20 cars waited to charge, while a mobile supercharging station reportedly stood idly by.

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