Video: Texas Students Agree With Biden Border Policy, Until They See The Pictures

“That -- I do believe it’s a problem.”

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Video shot by Campus Reform reveals students at the University of Texas campus in San Antonio lauding Joe Biden’s immigration policies, right up until they are shown pictures of thousands of migrants living in squalor under a bridge in Del Rio.

“That’s more than I was expecting”, one student said, with another proclaiming “That — I do believe it’s a problem.”

When further informed that Biden had halted Trump’s construction of the border wall and actively encouraged migrants to come to the US illegally with promises of amnesty, the students also reevaluated their opinions.

“Yea, if you’re making promises like that… most of [the crisis] is going to be on your hands,” one declared, with another adding Biden “probably shouldn’t have stopped the wall.”


DHS Head Alejandro Mayorkas admitted Sunday that “about ten thousand or so, twelve thousand,” migrants have entered the US under the current wave, adding “It could be even higher. 

He also stated that “It is the policy of this administration: we do not agree with the building of the wall,” and described the mass immigration as “one of our proudest traditions.”


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