Video: The Dawn Of Climate Tyranny

Prepare for the "green" future the far-left has been dreaming of

Image Credits: infowars.

Just when you thought millionaire social justice warrior grifters warping reality with fiction in order to burn down your neighborhood were a huge drain on Western Civilization, we are now faced with the left’s prospect of an army of climate justice warriors careening the world into a potential dark age lorded over by Neo Feudalism while draining billions from the coffers of a fiat money system on the brink of collapse.

And of course, self-proclaimed doctor and all-knowing scientist Bill Gates who has proposed blocking out all sources of life on planet Earth, the sun, is leading the way.

Project Veritas recently exposed CNN‘s complete disclosure of its inner workings as a raw propaganda network.

And as CNN‘s ratings plummet, one revelation from the Veritas investigation stands out.

The fleecing by stealth is disguised as infrastructure, a piecemeal battering ram of the democratic dismantling of America’s energy grid.

And even though in a March 2021 Gallup poll asking, “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?” only 2% of Americans responded with “Environment/Pollution/Climate change.”

An underhanded network of United Nations Climate Mayors flush with Biden’s transfer of wealth will implement Agenda 2030 on the all important local level while America sleeps.

Sure, our planet needs attention.

There is no debate about that.

But the left’s climate movement is a manufactured endgame for a New World Order, complete with countless manuals for its implementation amongst the sociopathic political elite and their overlords.

It is up to the rest of us to wrestle away the pressing issues of the future of our planet and our species to real science, logic, and the will of the people.