VIDEO: Traffic Warden Brutally Beaten, Robbed In UK Migrant Ghetto

Gang viciously assaults public employee in Islamic stronghold

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Shock video has surfaced depicting the vicious beating and robbery of a traffic warden that reportedly took place in the Islamic migrant ghetto of Alum Rock in Birmingham, UK.

In the footage, a group of young men surround a scooter and violently rip its rider, a 21-year-old traffic warden, from the seat before proceeding to brutally beat, kick and stomp him while onlookers heckle and record the assault on their cell phones.

One attacker can be seen commandeering the scooter and riding off.

Police have arrested one suspect so far and are seeking five or six more, according to the Independent.

“I’ve seen videos of a parking enforcement officer being attacked by thugs in Birmingham,” tweeted local councilor Waseem Zaffar. “This horrendous attack will not be tolerated.”

The assault took place in the Birmingham neighborhood of Alum Rock, an area well-known for its Islamic migrant population.

The Guardian called Alum Rock a “Muslim ghetto” in a 2015 article, noting that it was one of a list of “areas that have recently become home to refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria.”

A recent Huffington Post report noted that Birmingham has become the “gun and gang capital of the UK.”

Dan Lyman: