Video: Triggered Democrat Attacks Infowars Reporter at Impeach Trump Rally

Deranged leftist loses it when asked to back her facts up

An Infowars reporter was assaulted by an anti-Trump leftist Tuesday evening at a Democrat impeachment rally in Austin, Texas.

The female demonstrator, who held a “Dump Trump” protest sign, charged at reporter Savanah Hernandez amid an interview at the “Impeach now, because nobody is above the law” rally taking place at the city hall building.

Watch a longer clip here:

Hernandez was debating the leftist on the president’s phony rape accusations, when the self-proclaimed “bad-tempered” woman shoved the reporter mid-interview.

“Tried to have a civil debate with some impeachment protesters here in Austin…” Savanah wrote on Twitter.

“I was attacked when a protester got upset because she couldn’t find facts on Google to back up her fake Trump-rape allegations.”

The event was part of Trump impeachment rallies held in Democrat-run big cities across the nation, ahead of what is most likely to be a House impeachment vote Wednesday predicted to be divided along party lines.

Alex Jones breaks down the massive failure the partisan based impeachment scam has become.

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