Video: Trump Owns PBS Reporter With Ridiculous Questions About Him ‘Causing Sickness’ And ‘Not Taking Virus Seriously’

“Nancy Pelosi, she wanted to have a street party in Chinatown."

Image Credits: Alex Wong / Getty Images.

In what has become a daily occurrence at the White House press briefings, President Trump had to fend off baseless accusations from a left wing reporter. This time that he hasn’t taken the coronavirus outbreak seriously, causing families to become sick.

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor told Trump that she knew people who became infected with the virus because they saw the President didn’t “have a mask on,” so they didn’t take precautions.

“They went to a funeral in mid-March and they said mainly because the president wasn’t taking it seriously, he said if the president had a mask on, if he was saying we should stay home, that I would have stayed home,” Alcindor claimed, adding “family members were sick because they were listening to you. Are you concerned that downplaying the virus may be got people sick?”

Trump fired back with examples of exactly who and who wasn’t taking the outbreak seriously:

“We put on a ban of China where China can’t come in and before March we put on a ban on Europe where Europe can’t come in,” Trump urged.

“How can you say I wasn’t taking it seriously? I put a ban on China before anybody in this country died. I put on a ban. You tell me.” the President continued.

“Nancy Pelosi, she wanted to have a street party in Chinatown in San Francisco and the end of February,” Trump added, referring to Pelosi’s call to ‘end discrimination’ against Asian Americans by congregating.

“That’s a month later at the end of February. And they tell me it’s only a political talking point. … At the end of January, I put on a ban. People in that room will tell you, I think there were 21 people and I was the only one that wanted to do it. Fortunately, I was the one that counted for that purpose.” Trump asserted.

Every day now, while he’s supposed to be managing a pandemic, the President has to fend off childish outbursts from partisan “journalists”, who are still intent on attacking him personally.