VIDEO: Trump Slams Leslie Stahl For ‘Protecting’ Biden After She Insists There’s No Biden Scandal

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Video footage from the 60 Minutes interview released by President Donald Trump on Facebook Thursday shows CBS’ Leslie Stahl making the unverified claim that Joe Biden is not in a scandal, prompting President Trump to call out her and the media in general for the hypocrisy they show in protecting Biden.

“When I watch [Biden] walk out of a store, he’s in the midst of a scandal, his family is corrupt, he’s corrupt, okay? He’s a corrupt politician,” Trump said. “And he’s walking with ice cream. And the question they ask him, the questions the media asks him? ‘What kind of ice cream, what flavor of ice cream did you get?’ And he’s in the midst of a scandal-”

“No he’s not,” interrupted Stahl, struggling with what what appeared to be a bout of nervous laughter. “No he’s not, c’mon.”

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“Of course he is Leslie,” Trump said, referring to the New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop that became the top story in the country despite being suppressed by Facebook, Twitter, and other pro-Biden Big Tech platforms.

The President then noted that Stahl was “like Big Tech,” trying in vain to protect Biden from the fallout surrounding the laptop scandal.

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CBS is currently running damage control after the White House decided to pre-emptively release the full, unedited cut of the 60 Minutes interview on Thursday.

“The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter 60 Minutes from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades,” CBS said in a tweet.

The full-length version of the interview can be seen below, and the exchange about the Biden scandal begins at the 21:00 mark.