Video: UK Hospital Labels Man COVID-Positive Without Test, Prevents Family Visitation

"Can you take me to see my dad please?"

Image Credits: youtube.

Infuriating footage out of the UK shows a man confronting hospital staff for claiming his father was COVID-positive after they admitted they never even tested him.

“He hasn’t got the COVID test, so therefore you’ve assumed he’s got COVID,” the hospitalized man’s son told a nurse. “Do you want him to have COVID?”

Trying to explain why the patient’s paperwork read “COVID-positive,” the nurse said, “It’s just the symptoms of needing oxygen and oxygen dropping…”

Next, a woman filming the encounter cut the nurse off to say the patient’s oxygen dropped due to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

“Can you take me to see my dad please?” the patient’s son asked the staff. “He’s in a ward on his own.”

The same nurse who previously tried to justify labeling the patient as COVID-positive based on the fact that his oxygen levels dropped then confessed, “We don’t know if he’s positive.”

This created another frenzy in the room as the patient’s son exclaimed, “You don’t know he’s positive, but all this paperwork, I’ve seen it myself, you’ve put my dad down as COVID-positive.”

The son continued, “You’ve put down on his paperwork, he is in a ward, he’s COVID-positive, and now you’re saying, ‘We need to do a test to ascertain if he’s COVID-positive.’”

“You have falsified his information on his paperwork,” the angry man told the hospital workers.

The man accused one of the hospital employees of lying three times to his face by falsely claiming his father took a COVID test.

“When I’m on the phone with him, he says, ‘No I have not,’” the son said.

Police eventually arrived and told hospital staff the patient could discharge himself and leave whenever he wants.

How many other people who never took a COVID test are being marked as COVID-positive by hospitals around the world?