VIDEO: Virginia Governor Wants To Keep Babies Alive To Harvest Their Organs

How long will the US tolerate the mass killing of unborn children?

The governor of Virginia reveals in a new viral video the globalist plan for “post-birth abortion” now being pushed by lawmakers.

Alex breaks down how eugenics is behind this gruesome attitude towards the unborn.

Robert Barnes joins Alex Jones live in studio to review and break down a video that recently surfaced of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam openly endorsing both after birth abortions and the preserving of children, unwanted by their own mothers, for highly valued organ harvesting rather than adoption.

Governor Ralph Northam and Delegate Kathy Tran, both Democrats from Virginia, have supported a bill that would allow a woman to kill her baby even as she is giving birth.

But this is not new, New York recently passed a similar bill, and Dems like Hillary Clinton have supported such laws for years.