VIDEO: Visibly Shaken Fauci Gets Emotional Over States’ Decision To Reject His Guidelines, End Mask Mandates

The highest paid federal employee in the U.S. was not happy with states' decision to end highly controversial mask mandates

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Biden White House Covid advisor Anthony Fauci appeared visibly shaken by the news that multiple states have now rejected his calls for mask mandates and massive lockdowns continuing throughout the whole of 2020, stating that the legal decisions made by multiple states to re-open are “inexplicable.”

“It just is inexplicable why you would want to pull back now,” the highest paid federal employee in the United Statescomplained. “I understand the need to want to get back to normality but you’re only gonna set yourself back if you just completely push aside the public health guidelines.”

Multiple states have decided in a bipartisan fashion – ranging from Republican-led Texas to Democrat-led Connecticut – to end COVID lockdowns and mask mandates and stop listening to Fauci’s increasingly vague “guidelines.”

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Fauci himself supported a ban on quarantines during the Ebola virus scare of 2014 because they would have made his colleagues “uncomfortable”:

In 2014, Fauci slammed then-governor of New Jersey Chris Christie for enforcing mandatory quarantines against healthcare workers who had traveled to Africa to spend prolonged periods of time around people infected with the Ebola virus.

Fauci also stated, “We appreciate the fears of the American people, but you don’t want to have policy that would have negative unintended consequences… If you put everyone in one basket, even people who are clearly no threat, then we have the problem of the disincentive of people that we need.”

During an interview with NBC in 2014, Fauci said that government officials “need to treat returning people with respect” because “they’re really heroes.”

“We’re being a little bit draconian,” the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned, complaining that the quarantines could make his colleagues “very, very uncomfortable.”

Fauci received a $1 million cash prize from Israel on Monday for his work “courageously defending science” against “uninformed opposition,” as well as his work studying AIDs by visiting gay bars and bathhouses.