Video: Walgreens Workers Look On As Looters Ransack San Fran Store

Proposition 47 has pretty much sanctioned shoplifting

Footage circulating on social media shows people in hoodies openly pilfering products off shelves at a San Francisco area Walgreens.

“San Francisco’s no arrest policy has anarchic results,” commented Human Events editor Ian Miles Cheong.

The video shows Walgreens workers standing by helplessly as at least three people wearing face masks fill trash bags with various products.

The thieves appear to make for the exit, as another woman walks in and yells to call the police.

The brazen theft is blamed by some on California’s passage of Proposition 47.

The law, which reduces theft of up to $950 in merchandise to a mere misdemeanor crime, was passed in 2014 as a means of reducing the incarceration of homeless people, but it’s pretty much sanctioned shoplifting.

Speaking to local paper Hoodline, a Walgreens representative said they’ve noticed an uptick in thefts in San Francisco stores recently.

“Retail theft has become more prevalent in the San Francisco area, including at this store location,” the Walgreens rep stated. “We are currently reviewing additional actions to help curtail and prevent theft, while also striving to balance product inventory and how we can best meet the needs of our customers.”

In an interview with Conservative Candidate running for San Francisco Mayor 2019, Ellen Lee Zhou, she said that San Francisco is “worse than a third world country”. As a government worker in the city, she talks about corruption she experienced and how she has been kept out of debates and any news coverage.