Video: Washington Sheriff On Governor’s Mask Law – “Don’t Be A Sheep”

Law enforcement pushing back against politicians

After Washington’s Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee announced a mandatory mask mandate on Tuesday, Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza told a group of churchgoers “Don’t be sheep.”

Sheriff Snaza grabbed a megaphone and said, “In case you guys didn’t hear, Governor Inslee, in his infinite wisdom, has decided after over a hundred and some odd days that we should all wear face masks — inside and out. Here’s what I say: Don’t be a sheep.”

Another Ohio Sheriff, Bob Songer of Klickitat County, called Inslee an “idiot” on Wednesday and said he’s “overstepping his bounds, violating people’s constitutional rights.”

As politicians continue to abuse the Constitution and try to keep America from rebounding after coronavirus lockdowns took their toll on this country, we need more public servants to step up to the plate by refusing to enforce their orders.