Video: White House Press Secretary Responds To Question About Hacking By Telling Reporter To ‘Ask The Hackers’

"Have a good chat with them"

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Given that the White House claims there have recently been two huge cyberattacks on US infrastructure, it made sense for someone in the press to ask about it. However, when Fox reporter Peter Doocy attempted to do so he was told to ‘go ask the hackers’.

Shadowy ransomware attackers have been blamed for first shutting down the Colonial Pipeline, and then for targeting the world’s largest beef supplier JBS, halting all production.

So Americans want to know, what’s the beef?

Jen Psaki first placed all the blame on the companies themselves, then told Doocy to “track down the Russian hackers and have a good chat with them.”


US food and power supplies are being disrupted by cyber enemies and that’s the response from the Biden administration.

It’s akin to concerned parents asking why their kid’s school isn’t doing anything about bullying and being told by officials to go ask the bullies why they’re doing it.


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