Video: White House Refuses To Condemn Communist Cuban Tyranny – Instead Says It’s “Mismanagement”

Says that Biden has no comment "at this time"

Image Credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked Wednesday if the Cuban people are rising up against communism, but avoided the question by describing the oppression in the country as “government mismanagement”.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy also asked Psaki why legitimate asylum seekers from the communist regime have been told by Biden’s DHS that they are not welcome in the U.S.


After failing to provide a sufficient response to Doocy’s first questions, Psaki then said she’s “not sure what the question is,” despite it being blatantly clear that Doocy was asking if Cubans are fleeing the country to escape communism.

Could it be any clearer? Or is she simply refusing to denounce a communist tyranny?

Economic collapse, systemic oppression and mass uprisings go somewhat beyond ‘mismanagement’.

Furthermore, when asked whether Biden will speak about the anti-communist uprising in Cuba, Psaki replied “not at this time.”

As we noted yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio, among others, called for a clear denunciation of “this communist, this Marxist, this socialist tyranny” in Cuba, saying that America must make “clear about whose side we’re on.” 

The Biden administration and the media, however, continue to blame Donald Trump for the collapse of Cuba’s economy, in lockstep with the communist Cuban oppressors.