Facebook & Instagram Remove Video Of YouTube Executive Being Confronted Over His Platform Removing Project Veritas Pfizer Exposé

'Why did you ban our videotape of a Pfizer director talking about mutating viruses?' Veritas asked.

Image Credits: project veritas.

Update 3: After a couple of hours of being locked out of their Twitter account, Project Veritas has reportedly regained access.

Update 2: Project Veritas has reportedly been locked from accessing its Twitter account following the release of a video where they confronted a YouTube executive.

Update: Both Facebook and Instagram have banned the latest video of ‘Project Veritas’ confronting the YouTube VP of Trust & Safety over YouTube’s censorship of a previous ‘Veritas’ video.

Project Veritas Senior Reporter Chris Hartsock was filmed questioning YouTube Vice President of Global Trust & Safety Matt Halprin in a video released on Friday.

Hartsock asked the YouTube employee why the company banned a recent video released by Project Veritas that featured a Pfizer executive making disturbing admissions.

“Why did you ban our videotape of a Pfizer director talking about mutating viruses?” the Veritas reporter asked Halprin.

The reporter continued, asking if Pfizer paid YouTube to “run cover for them” and “Is YouTube brought to us by Pfizer?”

Hartsock warned Halprin millions of people would see the video and know he refused to answer for his company’s actions in an act of “cowardice.”

The YouTube Trust & Safety head remained silent while being questioned and threatened to call the police after alleging Hartsock “touched” him.

The powers that be do not want freedom of speech online as it is a massive threat to their global cabal.

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