Videos: Americans Dismayed & Furious With Biden Admin Over Soaring Inflation

Now the stock market and cryptocurrencies are collapsing in real time -- but Biden officials continue to blame Putin and COVID.

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The American people have reached their wits’ end over the untenable high inflation manifesting through soaring gas and food prices, and are laying the blame on the Biden administration, not Russia or COVID.

Americans from coast to coast vented their frustrations to any media outlet willing to listen to their grievances, with some lamenting they’re struggling to feed their families and limiting their driving.

Spokane Valley Partners CEO Cal Coblentz said, “Our warehouse has never been this low. We’re seeing families that have never used a food bank before come ask for help.”

Unbelievably, American woman are now struggling with a tampon shortage on top of a widespread baby formula shortage that’s been plaguing moms across the nation for months.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that inflation problems began long before Russia invaded Ukraine as result of excessive government money-printing, Biden officials made their rounds on legacy media outlets Monday continuing to lay blame on Russia’s war in Ukraine and the COVID pandemic.

To add insult to injury, the Dow Jones tumbled over 1000 points on Monday, followed closely by cryptocurrencies amid fears that the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates even higher in the face of 8.6% inflation that was revealed in the Consumer Price Index last week.

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