Videos: Biden Gets Lost At Easter Egg Roll, Gibbers Nonsense When Asked If Running In 2024

“Well, I’ll either, I’ll eith—I’ll either be rolling egg or, uh, being the, the gu—you know, the guy who’s pushing them out”

Image Credits: Screenshot.

It’s addictive watching Joe Biden getting lost everyday on stage and having to be directed where to walk by his handlers, but its extra special when he’s flanked by the Easter bunny.

After speaking to a crowd on the South Lawn of the White House, Biden was caught on a hot mic asking his wife “We walk off?” to which she replied in the affirmative.

When Biden got down on the lawn, he went about three steps before nearly falling over then turning around appearing lost and looking for reassurance:


Biden’s crackhead deal making son popped by for an Easter visit:

As we highlighted earlier, when a reporter asked Biden if he was running again next year, he gibbered about pushing eggs around:

Still, all of this went better than last Easter when one of Biden’s handlers had to literally dress up as the Easter bunny to tell him where to go.


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