Videos: Citizen Journalists Descend Upon Target Stores Nationwide, Expose LGBT & Satanist Products For Kids

Internet users joking store called, 'Target,' because it's targeting children

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Upon learning of the disturbing LGBT and pro-satan products being sold to children at Target stores across the U.S., activists and journalists flocked to nearby locations to film the items for the world to see.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer documented products being sold in an Austin, Texas Target store on Wednesday.

Former Turning Point USA ambassador Kaylee Campbell Layton was among the first people to film herself shopping at a Target store filled with toddler and kids clothes promoting homosexuality.

“I’m sorry, but pride and toddler don’t belong in the same sentence,” she told the camera.

Watch the slew of videos below for more examples of how citizen journalism can spread the word and get the masses to take action.

Comedian Alex Stein caused a scene at one Target location after donning one of their tuck-friendly swimsuits.

Another video going viral online features a woman highlighting the transgender satanist designer behind Target’s pro-satan collection.

While many on the left are victimizing Target and some employees who have had to receive angry calls from pissed-off customers, let’s not forget the aftermath of the George Floyd riots left at least one Target store completely annihilated.

Meanwhile, the establishment is triggered We The People are peacefully telling the company we won’t support it as long as it promotes LGBT ideology and satanism to kids.

Watch more Infowars coverage of the Target fiasco below:

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