Videos: Democrats Saying They Support Abortions Without ANY Limits

Calls for "war", refusals to condemn threats of violence, and vows to defy the law all coming from Democrats

Image Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images.

While the over turning of Row vs Wade by the Supreme Court actually brings the U.S. into line with much of the rest of the world on abortion laws, many Democrats are adamant that America should not have ANY limits on abortions.

The likes of AOC are calling for weeding out those Democrats who do support some sort of limitation and presumably purging them from the party.

California Rep. Jackie Speier told pro-abortion screechers to get ready for “war”, while Nancy Pelosi is ordering supporters to “rise up” and Maxine Waters wants pro-abortion screechers to “fight” while vowing to “defy” the SCOTUS:

AOC, again, refuses to condemn threats of violence by pro-abortion extremists:

The White House is entertaining the notion of building abortion clinics on federal land, presumably in anticipation of ignoring and bypassing State laws:

New York Dems want to establish a fund to get women from elsewhere to travel to get abortions:


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