Videos: Tanks Deployed On Streets In China Amid Massive Protests

"Somehow nobody in any newsroom in America noticed when Xi Jinping decided to replay Tiananmen Square"

Image Credits: Screenshots.

Fears of a new Tiananmen Square style crackdown in China have been heightened by footage of tanks being deployed to the streets of major cities as the Communist Party faces massive unrest.

Video of tanks was captured in the eastern city of Xuzhou on Monday night:

Tucker Carlson pondered why the western media on the whole is ignoring the huge protests, and the tanks.

“Unless you read the Daily Mail, which is an English paper published online, you probably didn’t know that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into a major city last night to put down protests against his rule,” Carlson noted.

The host added “Virtually no American media outlets acknowledged that that happened and that’s pretty weird if you think about it. Imagine, for example, that Hungarian leader Viktor Orban put tanks into Budapest to crush his political opponents. Would our media notice? Oh yeah, they would. It would be on the front page of ‘The New York Times.’ Morning Joe would lead with it.”

Carlson continued, “China is our main global rival, it’s a highly significant place. Yet somehow nobody in any newsroom in America noticed when Xi Jinping decided to replay Tiananmen Square. Didn’t see it even though the pictures were on the internet. How is that possible? Could it be the American news media is covering for the government of China? Can’t say. We’ll let you make the call on that.”

When asked by a reporter about what the potential consequences for China of a brutal crackdown on protesters would be, the White House Press Secretary responded “I don’t have anything to preview for you at this time.”


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