Videos: Troops Arrive In Major Cities Ahead Of Election Night

Image Credits: Screenshot.

National Guard troops have been called into action in several US cities ahead of the election, with the expectation that leftists will engage in widespread civil unrest if early indications of a Trump victory emerge.

Governors in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon and of course Pennsylvania have activated troops to protect city halls and other landmarks in major cities.

Chicago, New York and DC also have troops on standby.

Pictures and video started to hit social media on Monday:

MSM is still trying to act like there is no fear of riots and mayhem, yet as LA retail shops close their doors, you see Universities making statements warning their students and imploring them to stay inside.

Democrats have also suggested that they expect Trump supporters to engage in unrest if the President refuses to accept the election result.

MSM and the left are ramping up their propaganda ahead of election day.