Viral Compilation Shows Biden Admin Spreading Lie that Covid Jab Protects from Infection

Will anyone in media or Biden admin be held accountable for promoting faulty vaccines to American public?

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A video compilation going viral on social media features clips from 2021 in which members of the Biden administration, the media and Joe Biden himself all falsely claimed the Covid vaccine protects against infection.

The video begins with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow telling her audience the virus cannot infect, or be spread by a vaccinated individual.

Next, it shows infectious disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi making similar false claims that “vaccines block you from getting and giving the virus.”

Biden also claims “fully vaccinated people are at a very very low risk of getting Covid-19,” while his Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci hit the media circuit to spread similar lies and urge people to take the vax.

“When people are vaccinated they can feel safe that they are not gonna get infected,” Fauci says in one MSNBC interview.

“We have all the vaccines we need we just need our people to take it, A: For their own protection for the protection of their family, but also to break the chain of transmission,” he said in another interview.

Of course, over one year later and it’s now common knowledge the vaccine did not stop infection or transmission, and actually weakens the immune system, making people more prone to future infections – not to mention they carry a high risk of severe adverse reactions, including death.

Will anyone in the media or Biden admin be held accountable for promoting the faulty vaccines to the American public?