Voodoo Used to Control Human Trafficking Victims

Nigerian nurse caught in UK

Image Credits: Wiki.

The NHS Nigerian nurse used voodoo magic to force Nigerian women to work as prostitutes in European brothels while living a double life in the first case of its kind, The Daily Mail reports.

The NHS nurse lived between a south London estate and a mansion, including servants’ quarters, in Nigeria. She forced the vulnerable village girls to undergo trafficking in horrific conditions, including gang rapes and life-threatening travel abroad by convincing them in ‘juju’ ceremonies that they were under a spell, before putting them to work in Germany. These rituals exercised a control ‘tighter than chains.’

In a ground-breaking investigation the 53-year-old NHS nurse, Josephine Iyamu, formerly of south London, was prosecuted and convicted in the first case of its kind in the UK. She was the ringleader of an international human trafficking crime network, using a witch doctor in Nigeria to convince naive village girls of being under a spell.

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