Walmart Bans Sale of Vegetable Seeds as “Non-Essential,” As Stores Seal Aisles to Prevent “Unnecessary Roaming”

Stores claim some customers 'roaming around aisles and putting others at risk'

Walmart stores in New England are sealing off entire aisles with products deemed “unnecessary” in attempts to combat the scourge of shoppers wandering around to relieve coronavirus quarantine fatigue.

According to CBS Boston, Walmart in addition to Home Depot and BJ’s Wholesale stores in the town of Chicopee, Massachusetts, worked with the city health department to “reduce unnecessary roaming around aisles and putting others at risk.”

A photo taken by Chicopee Police shows a Walmart aisle sealed off with yellow rope and signs informing customers of the closure.

In Vermont, Walmart, Target and Costco stores statewide also agreed to block off items from customers, including “clothing, toys, electronics and jewelry to paint, gardening and sports equipment,” according to

A photo circulating on social media showed vegetable seeds intended for planting were also off-limits to customers in Vermont stores.

“By order from the state of Vermont, items in this “non-essential’ area are not available for purchase,” a sign blocking off the seeds reads.

With cities around the country ratcheting up the extreme Orwellian measures by the day, it’s only a matter of time until this practice spreads to stores nationwide.

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