Watch: Abortion Facility Staffer Assaults Man With A Baton, Threatens To Stab Him

'You're lucky I don't cut you,' the woman said after bashing the man.

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A Louisiana pro-life activist was assaulted on camera for trying to deliver a letter from the state’s Attorney General Jeff Landry to an abortion facility.

The letter was a warning to the facility that the current temporary blocking of the state’s abortion trigger law doesn’t “immunize medical providers from liability.”

As he stood outside the clinic, a woman wearing nursing scrubs who was upset by his presence threatened to send him to the hospital before bashing him with a wooden baton.

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After hitting the guy with the large stick, the lady picked up his phone he dropped when she attacked and slammed it on the floor inside the facility.

When he asked if he could have his phone back, the woman hit him with the baton again and said, “You’re lucky I don’t cut you.”

Another worker at the location told the man he couldn’t have his phone back because it was on their property.

It’s likely the individual will be pressing charges because the video evidence appears to show an assault with a deadly weapon.