Watch: Alex Jones Joins Steve Bannon To Discuss America’s Weaponized Legal System & The Great Reset

Globalist establishment trying to break small businesses, hurt the average person & drive America into collapse

Image Credits: war room pandemic screenshot.

Infowars founder and host Alex Jones made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic” Monday morning to dive into his legal battles and the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Touching on the latest Democrat “anti-inflation” bill, Jones explained the Biden administration is hiring around 80,000 IRS agents “not to target wealthy powerful leftists, but to target Uber drivers and people delivering pizzas.”

“This is a true brutal globalist establishment trying to break small businesses, trying to hurt the average person, trying to drive us into collapse… the Cloward and Piven program of the Great Reset to crash things by design so we’ll accept the world ID, the global social credit score, the global carbon tax and finally the Universal Basic Income so they can dictate every facet of your life,” Jones said.

During another segment, Jones talked about his latest book, “The Great Reset And The War For The World” and his recent Sandy Hook court case.

Next, Bannon asked Jones what’s going to happen to Infowars next as the political establishment tries its best to financially strangle the outlet out of existence.

Jones told Bannon, “It’s really up to the listeners and viewers to keep us on the air, to keep you on the air and to defend American patriots that have been standing up for the American people, the American way of life, but also just freedom worldwide.”

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