Watch: Alex Jones Predicts Open Borders, Cashless Society, Intentional Release of Pathogens with Startling Accuracy

Jones has been trying to warn you of the New World Order's global takeover for over 20 years.

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A clip going viral on social media features a prophetic Alex Jones laying out the technocratic globalists’ plans for world domination over 20 years ago.

Jones prophetically points out the New World Order’s agenda for “open borders,” seen today with the dissolution of the US-Mexico border, a “cashless society,” today being brought on by crypto and a central bank digital currency, “centralized state run healthcare,” introduced under the Obama era, and the “release of plagues and viruses” witnessed by the recent contrived Coronavirus pandemic.

“Yes, today in 2002 there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny where human beings are absolutely worthless,” Jones outlined.

“There are six and a quarter billion of us and the globalists have said it many times, there’s too many of us, we’re causing a problem, we need to be culled at the tune of 80 percent – it’s amazing to talk about that, but it’s the globalists, the UN, their own public statements.”

“And they’ve convinced a lot of liberals, and elitist conservatives and others that by going along with this that we’re intelligent members of society. It’s the ultimate Malthusian world view, it’s this radical virulent form of social Darwinism. It’s the excuse of tyrants.”

“And by creating open borders, where there’s no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources – by centralizing and socializing healthcare the state becomes God basically when it comes to your health, and then by releasing diseases viruses and plagues upon us we then basically get shoved into their system.”

Are you paying attention yet?

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