WATCH: Alex Jones Raises Alarm Over Declassified Documents That Could Take Down the Whole NWO Control System

Groundbreaking declassified documents reveal major US cities were sprayed deliberately with deadly compounds to reduce populations .

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Alex Jones breaks down a now-viral Fox News report that corroborates what he has been reporting to the public for years: The government is testing deadly chemicals on the population.

“This is a mad scientist eugenics cult that has been in control of our main universities and in control of the leadership of the intelligence agencies & shadow government at least since 1947,” said Jones during Monday’s broadcast as he was unloading on the perpetrators of these declassified atrocities. “They believe there are too many people and they want to be able to play God and do these tests everywhere to have larger and larger teams of people that work for the system who will then go out and carry out these lethal and murderous operations against the people so they have a larger army in the future that’s been compromised that they can trust.”

“And that’s what the poison prion covid shot is about. It’s about getting a wider group of doctors, scientists, lawyers, and nurses that went along with the rollout of the lie. Then they discover it’s a fraud and still defend the fraud – they believe to cover their butts. And now you’ve corrupted a larger concentric ring of around that expanded base of people who will carry out any operation you want at any time. That’s how the system operates.”

Jones went on to stress that in order to fully understand the situation we are in we have to admit that we are at a war.

“What’s central to understanding the situation we are in is to admit that we are at a war,” said Jones. “And that war, that deindustrialization program, that rewilding program, that post-enlightenment system has gone from its testing phases to its operational phase.”

“This is a totally managed technocracy economy, in their own words, where they control every aspect of your life. This is dystopia being sold as the solution to the Hell they’re creating. But the artificial dystopia they’re making can be easily reversed and fixed as long as too much of the infrastructure isn’t destroyed.”

Jones added that we can get ahead of being soft-killed if the masses stop being politically ignorant:

“If we can get ahead of this and get people to be aware of what’s happening, the globalists will not be able to pull it off,” said Jones. “They can only get away with it if the public is politically ignorant of how this operates.”

“We have to admit true evil exists. We have to admit this is not the legitimate government. This is the military-industrial complex controlled by a small technological corporate scientific elite that Eisenhower warned us about.”

Jones’s remark on the self-described “mad scientists” of the establishment brings to mind the monumental insight he gave weeks ago about a horrifying lecture on the military applications of neurotechnology and how globalists regard the masses:

“They openly talk about this like we’re animals!” exclaimed Jones while dissecting a lecture by DARPA-funded neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano.

Stay tuned to Infowars in the coming days to get the latest on how globalists are using nanotech & secret government programs to demoralize & conquer humanity.

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