Watch: Alex Jones Warned Of Public Acclimation To Police State Takeover in 2010

'They grab your genitals and squeeze'

Alex Jones has repeatedly warned of the police state takeover, such as in this 2010 take from The Alex Jones Show where he described the TSA’s security procedures at major airports.

“They admit it’s an act of humiliation – naked body scanners, they grab the woman’s breasts, they squeeze, they grab your genitals and squeeze, and it’s ‘were the government, we own you now’…it’s brainwashing, it has nothing to do with terrorism.”

This clip, though amusing, is prophetic given the nation is now in the throes of a police state takeover right now under the guise of combating the spread of the coronavirus, with more blue cities and states expanding lockdowns in the name of public health.

Liberal authoritarians launch a full-scale attack against the American people during the plandemic.