Watch: Antifa Attacks Journalist Outside Walk Away Event in Portland

Unhinged leftists assault pro-Trump conservatives

Antifa members attacked a journalist outside a Walk Away Campaign event in Portland Tuesday, where founder Brandon Straka and others gathered to celebrate leaving the Democrat party.

In footage captured outside the event, independent journalist Portland Andy was assaulted and robbed by several Antifa members about a block away from the Melody Event Center.

The degenerate communists also chanted vulgar anti-Christian slogans outside the event, shouting, “I f*cked God, now he’s gay,” in unison at the top of their lungs.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who was assaulted by Antifa at an event earlier this year, said the members were also taking photos of the Walk Away attendees.

They also reportedly referred to police as “pigs” and “fascists,” and chanted, “All cops are bastards!” when a police vehicle arrived.

“Be gay, do crimes,” was another bizarre slogan chanted by a few Antifa members.

Citizen journalist Austin Fletcher also captured one male Antifa provocateur wearing fishnet stockings, highlighting the depraved sexual deviancy of the radical left.

Straka said members of Bikers for Trump were gathered outside protecting the event from a “small Antifa crowd.”

Ahead of the event, leftist Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Innarone labeled Walk Away speakers as “people affiliated with domestic terrorists,” while leftist activist group PopMob attempted to get the Melody Event Center to shut the event down.

Despite the protests, the sold-out event was largely successful and attended by over 500, including documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

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