Watch: Armed Homeowner Battles Masked Home Invaders In Fatal Confrontation

Men in coronavirus gear attempt to rob home

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An armed homeowner in surburban Chicago thwarted an invasion attempt after two men showed up on his doorstep in medical masks and gloves, according to police.

One suspect is deceased following a violent confrontation initiated by robbery suspects in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Doorbell video footage of the siege indicates Bradley Finnan, 39, and Larry Brodacz, 58, attempted to force their way into a home, only to be battled back by a male resident.

One suspect can be seen attempting to tamper with a camera mounted near the porch.

“Hey, how you doing, boss?” a suspect says on the doorstep, before both men force their way inside.

One suspect is driven back outside by the male resident, who proceeds to deliver a barrage of punches.

The homeowner can be heard yelling, “Help!” as he pummels the intruder.

The suspect, identified by police as Finnan, eventually escapes as the homeowner runs back inside.

“His accomplice, Larry D. Brodacz, 58, of Buffalo Grove, was shot dead by the homeowner during a struggle inside the house, in what authorities said was self-defense,” the Daily Herald reports.

Finnan has since been apprehended and charged “under a statute that allows defendants to be charged with murder if they take part in a felony offense that leads to another person’s death.”

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