Watch: Aussie Analyst Slams Globalists Sabotaging Brexit

EU needs Britain more than Britain needs EU, she says

Image Credits: Screenshot.

The on-going Brexit fiasco is “about as bad as it gets,” according to Peta Credlin, an Australian political analyst and long-time chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

During a monologue on her eponymous Sky News Australia broadcast, Credlin skewered globalist politicians and “Remoaners” who have spent more than two years thwarting the will of the British people to break free of the EU superstate.

“This whole shambles shows what happens when the people in charge don’t believe in what they are supposedly trying to do,” Credlin said.

“The British people voted to leave the European Union because, on a 52 to 48 percent result, they didn’t like the Eurocrats in Brussels calling the shots over Britain’s trade, Britain’s immigration, and Britain’s economic regulation. And quite rightly, they expected their politicians would then work out a credible plan that Britain was, once more, fully self-governing.”

“It shouldn’t have been this hard,” Credlin continued. “With Britain entirely in charge of everything, all it had to do was decide the kind of future relationship it wanted with the EU and offer it to them on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis, given that Europe has always needed Britain far more than Britain has needed Europe.”

In conclusion, Credlin seemed to allude to the sabotage of Brexit as a microcosm of a broader global battle being waged by elites against the general populace and freedom itself.

“Britain will recover from this, but only with a leader who treats her country and her party with more respect,” she said. “Let’s hope the people of Britain are a wake-up to what’s really going on.”

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