Watch: Biden Claims Inflation Will Get Worse Under Republicans, as Inflation Report Shows Prices Keep Rising

Even establishment media seeing through Biden's gaslighting, as New York Times warns, 'This is bad news for Democrats ahead of the midterms'

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

Joe Biden continued trying to gaslight the American public Thursday, telling workers in Los Angeles he plans to fight inflation and that the economy would be worse if Republicans get voted into office.

Campaigning for US Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) who’s running for Los Angeles mayor, Biden addressed infrastructure at the site of the new Los Angeles County Metro Line, claiming the project would help the city’s traffic and pollution problems.

“It’s going to affect pollution in a significant way,” he said. 

Biden also acknowledged inflation, saying, “Americans are squeezed by the cost of living,” and adding, “A lot of people are hurting these days.”

However, he stopped short of taking credit for the bungled economy, instead pivoting to claim Republicans don’t care about working class Americans, and would make inflation worse.

Biden’s comments came as a Consumer Price Index report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Thursday showed prices have continued to rise on everything from energy and food to new vehicles and air travel, all despite the Biden admin’s purported efforts to combat inflation.

This is bad news for Democrats ahead of the midterms,” warned The New York Times Thursday. 

“Although President Biden said he saw signs of progress in the report, ‘prices are still too high,’ he said in a statement. Republicans can draw on many details from the report to highlight the squeeze on consumers’ wallets ahead of next month’s midterm elections, sharpening their criticisms of Mr. Biden’s management of the economy.”

Watch Biden’s full remarks in Los Angeles Thursday: